11/21/2014 - Wow time flies. I'm going to be revamping the website to allow anyone to purchase any sirkut electronic items via this website. I took a small break but I'm back. I'm currently working on a few prototype Eurorack synthesizer modules that should hopefully interest everyone. Until then I have a few items up for sale on ebay:

10/6/2011 - I've updated the SNB to now include an audio input (with bypass). It's now not just an oscillator but a nasty highly configurable fuzz/distortion pedal due to all the switches and knobs it already has. 
8/31/2011 - Finally updating the site with content.
9/23/2011 - SNB "Instructions"
                 4 Trembling Ho+ will be out in the wild this week. Can't wait to hear those who grabbed them. Thanks for your support!

  1. New Trembling Ho+ is now complete. It's a tremolo with various wave forms to choose from.
    • Slow Speed / Fast Speed switch
    • True bypass
    • Wave forms: 
      • Sine
      • Square
      • Triangle
      • Ramp up
      • Ramp down
      • Heartbeat
      • Random

  2. Gravelstorm - Distortion/Noise source pedal is now finally in the works. Sourcing necessary parts now. I believe this will replace the WNG2 for some people!

  3. Working on a few Eurorack modules. 
    1. Prototyping an SNB variant with not as many switches. Gritty, lofi BUT hopefully predictable.
    2. New control interface is in the works. Tools purchased and hopefully soon a prototype will be made.